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Sponsored by Orange France/France Telecom, Comptoirs du Multimedia, the French Foreign Ministry and Palestinian ICT Incubator,


 Souktel, Palestine’s first Mobile Phone Software Development NGO, is pleased to announce Palestine’s first-ever IT BarCamp in Ramallah, on the 12 of October 2010.


The BarCamp will bring experienced IT professionals from around the world and local IT developers together to discuss the latest in software and the web, lead sessions about whatever interests them most, and collaborate on personal projects with other software entrepreneurs. 
International trainers will give presentations on topics like: Orange France's Web 2.0 applications, Unicef/Souktel RapidSMS platform, mobile phones and “living maps”, e-reputation and building identities in Web-based social networks.  Sessions will also be created and led by attendees, so bring your ideas!

Palestine’s first-ever IT BarCamp

 October 12, 4-7pm

 PICTI’s Offices

 Al-Sheikh Commercial Tower, Al-Bireh

 Open to everyone,

IT students and graduates encouraged to attend

 Sessions will be held in Arabic and English


You can register and tell to the other what are the issues you are interested in

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Christophe Aguiton
France Telecom R&D
aguiton () gmail () com web2.0, social networks, social and human sciences