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What is CityCamp London?

CityCampLDN is an unconference (a facilitated, participant-driven conference centered on a theme or purpose) dedicated to bringing people together who are passionate about building a better London.


Where do I register?

The RSVP: http://citycampldn.eventbrite.com


How do I connect with people?


What is the Agenda?


It's up to you! Propose ideas here or over on our uservoice page.


General Topics:


  • Open Data
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Communications 
  • Digital Divide 


Local Topics:


  •  Transport for London open data  


Session Ideas:

Keep in mind that we will build an agenda the day of the camp. This space is for idea generation and sharing:

Session Title 
Geographic Info 



Want to help create a local currency that builds community ties and community self-sufficiency?



CityCamp homepage